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There never seems enough time to read but I always enjoy it. It helps to get me inspiration and sort of go through my memories and reflect on what I did in the past. Do you have some books you can recommend? Let me know!


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Winning the Mental Way
By Karlene Sugarman

Winning the Mental Way will help arm you and your team so you can reach an optimal level of play and be successful in the competitive world of rugby and other sports.. It provides the tools necessary to help you achieve peak performance on a more consistent basis. No matter what your endeavors are, the goal is the same - peak performance. The mind plays such an important role in whether you will be successful or not. This practical guide will help you first develop a sound working team; and second, give you the skills to keep your team on its road to success. It addresses topics such as team cohesion, motivation, relaxation, imagery, focusing, confidence, and dealing with adversity.


Rugby Tough
By Bruce Hale and David Collins

You can only win at top level if you are mentally prepared. I do not complete agree with this priority but the book has its points. A good starting point in the mental preparation for your team. In this respect it complements the "Winning the Mental Way" book discussed above.

I recognized lots of things from the book in the approach I take towards coaching a team. After seeing Tiny, 53 old mother of my Motherruckers team and vet, "sort" a problem out in a way that any 40+ year old prop would be proud of I realized that Rugby Toughness can be trained!

How to organize the mental readiness of your team is discussed in a very clear way, lots of examples. And a photo of the man himself on the cover ......


Plyometrics for Athletes at All Levels
By Neal Pire and Andy Mogg

15 years ago us rugby coaches first heard of plyometrics, but with it came stories of injured players. When I delved into the plyometrics thing I found that it was already used by the former Easter Germany athletes in the late sixties. I have bought some books on the topics and learnt more! This book explains how to train plyometric exercises and learnt me how to integrate exercises in my regular program. The risks involved in training plyometrics is also discussed.

I found the book extensive in both the theories and examples. After reading it I felt more confident about including plyometrics in my training sessions. Includes fitness tests and do-s and don-ts.

I often use the tackle bags and contact pads to jump over. You can easily see how the players have progressed when adding more pads without the team knocking them over!


SAQ for Rugby
By Alan Pearson

I had already created my own personal mix of mobility runs, plyometrics and athletic running techniques when Alan Pearson created this cohesive training method and put it all together for me - filling the blanks. I have adopted it and used to great success. The book is a great start into the SAQ world.