rr_logo_claim_n_screen A new site I found, developing the game for youngsters in NSW. I could not agree more with the points they make, lear by playing the game! Learn about teaching methods, by studying the program of the clinics they organise and much more. Enjoyable website!
ACC Injury Prevention: the original ACC website is now combined with Allblacks.com (am a bit jealous at that..) You can do much more than moan about the injuries. Prevention starts with a lot of things. This website has a 10-steps plan ready for you. Also some nice videos on technique.
pca In sports, winning is a goal but.... there is second more important goal of using sports to teach life lessons through positive coaching. This is what this website is about. The PCA helps Coaches and Parents to:
  • Develop superior skills
  • And genrally lead healthier lives
  • Children attending sports achieve better results in school
  • A win at all costs mentality from parents and coaches will eventualy turn kids away from sport
  • PCA gets parents and coaches on the same page to Honor The Game
  • The "2-minute drill" monthly newsletter for coaches and parents.
rclance "Martin, do you have some exercises for ...", I always forward them to the website of Lance! Truly an excellent website full of practical exercises, drills and plays.
"GRASSROOTS RUGBY - now in its nineth year on the web is an evolving series of notes specifically for beginning and intermediate coaches. It covers all the basics - set pieces, back play, kicking and play in the loose. Get the CD!
ultimate_sports Ultimate Sports,
A webshop for all your rugby gear. Canterbury reseller in the Netherlands with a shop in Enschede (close to Germany) but also an online shop. Good stuff - Good Price - Good service. (Hier koop ik altijd alles.)
yahoo The Yahoo Rugby Catagory, always a good starting point for any search.
irb_logo For your on-line Law Book. Online - always up-to-date.
www.thevideoanalyst.com A lot of background on the use of video. With Top Tips on getting the most out of performance analysis.
www.lens.com Lens.com offers a huge online inventory of brand name contact lenses with reasonably priced prices. Services include online order and shipping straight to you.
sportsvl The Sportslibrary, I use this as a jumping point to other sports related coaching sites. (When I have time to surf the net....)
ARU - The Aussie rugby union website. You know what I like about the Ozzies? They are a small union, rugby not their biggest sport, but they are always there! Problems? Defeat? They go home and fixed it - great. The most important part is the EDrugby - everything you need to set up a school rugby plan. Built for Australia, we use lots of elements in the Netherlands.
The ultimate fitness web. A little too much focussed on selling stuff, but there is background information.
rugbyheaven_link Rugbyheaven - Rugby news website.
www.videojug.com I came across this website while I was searching for information on Rugby Union - VideoJug. They have a number of experts to produce a series of videos about Rugby Union.
scrum.com ontario
De startpagina voor zoeken naar Nederlandse websites
BBC - The sportsacademy part of this website gives lots of interesting information we use on the bulletin board at the club or we hand out to players.
Coaching Rugby - Professional website, lots of reference material......
Rugby Tactics - Fancy moves, I gues everybody needs some...
Directory Football - NFL and American Football related directory
www.coach-rugby.co.uk - website of Norman Stalker, full-time P.E. Teacher and part-time Rugby Coach, living in Chester.
On-line Rugby Information for rugby coaches & rugby coaches mailing list
Brian Mckenzie's Sports Coach page witha lot of usefull background material.
Medisch Centrum Haaglanden, site with medical information.
Executive Coaching, Executive Coach
Executive Coaching with your private Executive Management Coach from Change Leaders  

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