Rugby and Nutrition & Diet

When you work on most of the topics on this web site, then being concerned with your player's diet is also on your agenda. This part of the site is set up to help you in this. When we want our players to be quicker, more agile and better prepared then you must address this topic with them too. This part of the site, set up by Don de Winter, gives you more info for you to give your players. Don included some background info and reference material for you.

Working with the Dutch National Under 21 team our first goal was to make the players aware of their own responsibility. A Quick Win was getting everybody on to bananas, the fast food under the fruits, instead of a cheese sandwich before the game. We also tried to link the "watch what you eat" discussions with the fitness testing and fat percentage. Doing beeptest or shuttle run tests we showed that players with a lower fat percentage are likely to have a better test result. The reason is the mobility aspect of it. 

Doping, Contaminated Nutrition

Then, some important news from the International Olympic Committee. Please read the statement published by the IOC Consensus Conference on Nutrition in Sport after two and half days of intensive discussions involving 30 of the world's best experts in nutrition. The conclusionwith this statement on how nutrition can be best used for sports training, competition and recovery:

[.....Athletes contemplating the use of supplements and sports foods should consider their efficacy, their cost, the risk to health and performance, and the potential for a positive doping test.......]
Download the complete statement from this site.