Training To Train

This page is based on the website, the Irish LTPD, the RFU LTAD Booklet and our implementation for the Dutch Rugby Union: Meerjaren Opleidingsplan Rugby (MOR). You can download related pdf documents on the Free Download section of my website.

Players are typically 15 to 17 years old.

Quote the LTPD: [Young players are introduced to the basic tactical and technical skills along with ancillary capacities including warm up and cool down, stretching, hydration and nutrition, recovery and regeneration, mental preparation, taper and peak, integrated pre-competition routines and post-competition recovery.]

The major focus of training is on learning the basics as opposed to competing. Having laid the tactical foundation in the earlier LTAD stages, the development of general rugby player is an ongoing project in this phase. It is exciting to see how players are developing after their growth spurt. This is also the phase where we can begin to get a better understanding what are suitable positions for the individual players!

The Rugby Challenger

Quote LTPD: [Given the greater capacities of players, the requirement for the coach is to go beyond teaching and to challenge players to become more proficient and achieve higher standards of performance. Therefore the coach extracts a higher level of performance through appropriate challenges and application of pressure.]

It is an interesting phase in the development of players, success is improving yourself. Performance profiling the measuring stick.

The Rugby Challenger is involved in these activities:

  • KSS 3.1: Prepare for and deliver training sessions for his team
  • KSS 3.2: Coach the team at games & tournaments
  • KSS 3.3: Organise activities
  • Make rugby safe: injury prevention
  • Built a team

This an exciting age group. The players understand the basics of rugby, re-starts can now become a platform to launch an attack rather than just a way to introduce the ball into open play. Rucks and Mauls can be created deliberate.

How to present rugby to this age group? Now you can involve them into their learning process.

I have set up lots of pages to help the Rugby Challenger with these tasks. Also you will find a whole archive of documents to help you on your way in a practical manner.

LTPD Rugby Challenger Coaching Course·

Finally, I have set up a special coaching course for The Rugby Challenger alone, it takes you five workshops to become one. A Self Study DVD and a Rugby Challenger Coaching Manual are part of this course. Offering more information and giving you the confidence to succesfully work with youngsters. IRB Level I is a nice one-day intro but forget IRB Level II, yes, you learn about rugby it does nothing to help you to become the Rugby Challenger. You are still left with questions how to make a plan for the season, what your tactical and technical goals are. Strange when you come to think of it, now we have a development model for our players, the development model of the coach does not reflect this.....

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