Training to Win (T2W)

This page is based on the website, the Irish LTPD, the RFU LTAD Booklet and our implementation for the Dutch Rugby Union: Meerjaren Opleidingsplan Rugby (MOR). You can download related pdf documents on the Free Download section of my website.

This phase is typically for players 21+ years old. Our NOC calls them Senioren & Senioren-1.

Quote LTPD: [All of the athlete’s physical, technical, tactical, mental, and ancillary capacities are now fully established. The focus of training has shifted to the optimization of performance.
Athletes are trained to peak for major competitions]

The Rugby Empowerer

Quote the LTPD: [The principles of adult learning together with the characteristics of champion athletes imply that coaches must release rather than restrict the potential of the players and other coaching staff, otherwise the potential for creativity and responsibility will be stifled. With player accountability comes player responsibility and relevant player control. For this to occur the coach must create an environment where trust and respect between all squad members is established while still maintaining ultimate responsibility for team performance and results.]

The Rugby Empowerer is involved in the next activities:

  • KSS 2.1: Prepare for and delivering training sessions for his team
  • KSS 2.2: Managing the team at games & tournaments
  • Make rugby safe: injury prevention

I have set up lots of pages to help the Rugby Empowerer with these tasks. Also you will find a whole archive of documents to help you on your way in a practical manner. 

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