LTAD: Training To Compete for Rugby (T2C)

This page is based on the website, the Irish LTPD, the RFU LTAD Booklet and our implementation for the Dutch Rugby Union: Meerjaren Opleidingsplan Rugby (MOR). You can download related pdf documents on the Free Download section of my website.

Players in this category are 17/18 and older.

Now we can have a better understanding of the players physical development we can start optimizing their potential and develop rugby positional and unit skills.

Quote LTP: [Players who are now proficient at performing both basic ad rugby specific skills learn to perform these skills under a variety of competitive conditions during training. The emphasis is now on individual preparation which addresses each athlete's individual strengths and weaknesses]

In the Netherlands we believe that tactical development is the first priority and is done in the earlier LTAD stages. This phase of the LTAD model we can detail positional requirements like restarts, counter attack, collective defensive patterns and more. Remember to work from the tactical context.

The Rugby Facilitator

Since the characteristics of players are such that they have the capacity for greater input, the role of the coach shifts towards facilitation. Allowing opportunity for opinions and problem-solving is critical if players are to develop confidence and relative autonomy.

The coach will still need to employ guiding, teaching and challenging skills where appropriate, the emphasis should be on developing players’ ability to ‘navigate’ rather than ‘replicate’.

This fits well with the Adaptive Game where we want our players to play to the defense that is in front of them. Opposing to the Planned Game where the coach suddenly needs to organise an enormous pile of things.

The Rugby Facilitator is involved in the next activities:

  • KSS 2.1: Prepare for and delivering training sessions for his team
  • KSS 2.2: Managing the team at games & tournaments
  • Make rugby safe: injury prevention

LTPD Rugby Facilitator Coaching Course

Finally, I have set up a special coaching course for The Rugby Facilitator alone, it takes you five workshops to become one. A Study DVD and a Rugby Facilitator Coaching Manual are part of this course. Offering more information and giving you the confidence to succesfully work with youngsters. Forget IRB Level I and II it does nothing to help you to become the Rugby Facilitator. (Strange when you come to think of it, now we have a development model for our players, the development model of the coach does not reflect this.....)

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