Recruit, Retain, Retrain, Throughout Life

This page is based on the website, the Irish LTPD, the RFU LTAD Booklet and our implementation for the Dutch Rugby Union: Meerjaren Opleidingsplan Rugby (MOR). You can download related pdf documents on the Free Download section of my website.

What to do if your playing career is over? Mine was pretty short, I picked up an achilles tendon injury and never recovered. Part of the recovery plan was to train and coach an under 16 team to stay involved with rugby. At 25 I decided to make coaching my next step in rugby.

With the 'Active for Life' phase in the LTAD model I am much more aware on the recruitment side of things. Players who have a fading interest in playing I now approach and involve in training and video evaluation. I find that those players are happy to stay involved on another level. Taking up a team on your own is a big step!

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