This page contains free coaching material, ready for you to download and use. Please let me know if you have interesting material to put on this page.

On Motivation of Rugby Players

  • Timothy D. Lee, Article on cognitive effort and motor learning (Acrobat file, 103 kB)
  • Joan Duda, on how to create the right motivational climate (Acrobat file, 36 kB)
  • Difference between running techniques for 100m sprint and rugby by Mark Sayers (Acrobat file, 365 kB)

Free Match statistics (please sent me more...)

Free Rugby Coaching Manuals (please sent me links or electronic copies)

Free advice on Fitness for Rugby

David McLean who was the SRU Fitness Advisor with two documents on fitness. Some ideas are now dated but the interval section is still great.

John Kenbeek has developed a introduction weight training program for rugby players for as early as 10 years old. This prepares for a more serious weigh training program later on.

  • You can use this as a basis for your personal weight training program (Acrobat file, 68 kB).
  • Or the Microsoft Excel version (.xls file, 28 kB)

Preparation of the Dutch Hockey team for the world cup. Fitness testing, heart rate monitoring, the importance of using little games (3 vs 3, 4 vs 4). Unfortunatly in Dutch.....

  • De fysieke voorbereiding van het Nederlandse herenteam (Acrobat file, 284 kB)

Free fitness tests

  • A Cooper test to VO2max conversion table (Acrobat file, 34 kB)
  • VO2max reference table (Acrobat file, 47 kB).
  • The University of Queensland has pieced together a whole set of tests (Word document, 48 kB)
  • The formal paper detailing the use of the Slalom Srint and Dribble Test for Hockey and Soccer players (Acrobat file, 1.2 kB)
  • Investigation in different beeptest / shuttle run timing intervals (xls. file, 46 kB)
  • Original 20msrt document of Luc Leger (pdf file, 283 kB)
  • Document on the adaption of the beeptest for the wheelchair (pdf file, 156 kB)

Rugby and medical issues

Don de Winter, MD Sports Physician and formerly employed by the NRB and now responsible for a sports injury clinic has with several articles.

  • How to prevent injuries (Acrobat file, 38 kB),
  • what to do with head injuries (again a very practical document, Acrobat file, 58 kB and the standard SCAT2 protocol, Acrobat file, 283 kB)
  • a document on how to use creatine (Acrobat file, 7 kB).
  • A Urine Color Chart to check hydration levels (Acrobat file, 60 kB)

On Nutrition and Doping some IOC documents

  • The 2004 Prohibited list - World Anti Doping Code (Acrobat file, 91 kB)
  • World Anti Doping Code (Acrobat file, 364 kB)
  • IOC Consensus Statement on Sports Nutrition 2003 (Acrobat file, 57 kB) containing the statement regarding nutrition and doping.

For the mental training program for rugby.

  • A pretty standard document on how to be ready at the kick-off: Arousal Management (Acrobat file, 78 kB)

LTAD and Rugby

I am involved with the Dutch Rugby Union and the NOC to set up a talentdevelopment program for rugby in the Netherlands. Here some documents we are using:

  • RFU's Long Term Athlete Development Program (RFU Booklet) (Acrobat file, 94 kB)
  • IRU's Long Term Player Development Program (Acrobat file, 1,9 MB)

To help you with your own rugby goalsetting program

  • The goalsetting program I described, forms for your players to fill out. (Acrobat file, 83 kB)
  • An example of Performance Profiles, forms to assess your players skills. (Acrobat file, 53 kb)

In Dutch language:

Keep looking for future additions, if you have material you think would be interesting to add, sent it to me!