Performance of a Team

Our focus is mostly on performance, not realising the importance of the previous three steps in the teambuilding process: Forming, Storming and Norming. How do we measure the performance of our team? Winning or Losing? Number of tries scored? How does the performance of our team relate to the topics of our next training session?

Let us have a look from a different perspective: any controlled process can be described by the following model:

You see that Output is a result of a Process. Rather than to focus on results, better think about feedback and control parameters. You as the coach has to develop a model that  describes the process and its controls. Think about:

Regards www.rugbyheaven.comPart of the process is the feedback from the coach to the players. There are several types of feedback. Please visit Richard Strattons site and check out the August 98 issue on feedback for more information. Everybody has his own style which suits each situation, but this is what a coach you should ask himself:

How much information should my feedback contain?

I give as little as possible to individual players during exercises and I think you only keep players interested for 30 seconds before you give them antoher go. Another perspective: remember the timeslot you are given in the interval training work : rest ratio..

How often should I give feedback?

Depends on the time you have as a coach for each individual. Also the skill level of each player is different.

How precise should the feedback be?

As detailed as possible.

When should I give the feedback?

Ask yourself if a player is open for feedback if he just makes a stupid mistake...

Think of feedback as a positive tool. For example if a player is looking away from the ball too early and drops it, do not say "Don't drop the ball" but "Focus on the ball and reach for it". Negative feedback focus on the problem, positive feedback focus on the correction. You are trying to help the player to improve his skill, not worry about the problem. This is also why you need to create a environment where players are allowed to make mistakes.

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