The 'Storming' phase in the process of teambuilding is where players try to find their spot in the team, relations are built and authorities are established. The coach is more passive in this phase carefully observing what is going on. For instance, the coach will be looking for a captain during this phase.

I like to share some of my experiences of the storming phase: I will give some examples of problems I had coaching R.C. Hilversum. (Back then I unfortunately did not understand the whole process as described here).

Coming new to the coaching job from coaching the Colts, I brought young raw talent with me to the First XV. Complications:

I confused everybody by not informing, or explaining the way I wanted to team to play. I then thought it would be better if they would discover things by just doing all the small moves we practised in the game. Also I let the older players try to stamp their authority too much.
Looking back I should have taken more control. I did not have a 'Norming' phase......


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