Dartfish and Gamebreaker were leading companies in video analysis. With the arrival of the iPad and smartphone apps video and video processing became much easier. New companies like Ubersense jumped on it and Dartfish and Gamebreaker (Sportscode) had to follow.

Dartfish has now two platforms:

  1. The Dartfish.tv platform where you can manage and share video clips made with the Dartfish Express app; Dartfish.tv is free, the app only a couple of dollars.....
  2. Dartfish Easy Tag, this replaces your notepad and pen by providing you clickable software buttons you can configure; The App registers the clicks on the different buttons AND the time they where clicked and stores them in a text file you can import in Excel.

Dartfish Express

For just a couple of Euro's you are in business (assuming you already have an iPad or iPhone...). Get the App, make video's of your athletes who are performing a functional skill and you and the athlete can instantly playback the video. Use the "flywheel" to scroll back and forth. Click to include stills where you can outline critical elements. One of the Academy coaches said this App was a mirror, a very exact description!

Distribute through your Dartfish channel.

I have a Nikon 1 where you can record a 2,5 sec movie with a staggering 400fps, this will give you a super slow motion clip you can import via your iPad camera roll to the Dartfish app. This improves the quality of the video but the import takes more time. Note: the iPad has 30fps video. 

Dartfish Easy Tag

Dartfish calls this the Tagging Panel and is just that: by clicking software buttons on a panel you enter "Tags" on a timeline. Each button you define is a different "Tag".

This is what I use it for: Continuity Analysis. Think RL: can your team "survive" five tackles? (I actually played two RL internationals with my RU Under18 selections against BARLA, but that is another story). I had a tackle button and a button for each different way to lose possesion. Then you just go <tackle> <tackle> <tackle> <knock on>.


See that EasyTag already is counting while you click, if you would use this during the game you will see the trend built. Import the .csv file EasTag creates in Excel. In Excel you can easily find the sequences and list it my example as knock-on after three tackles. Process all the clicks and split between positive and negative outcome and sort on numbers of tackles. The result is a graphical representation on how the teams continuity game in attack and in defense was. 

I could then show my National Under 18 how effective our attack was, "just keep the ball if nothing is on" and how effective our defence was, "keep repositioning in defence, we will get the ball eventually". Timo Meinders video-ed all our practise matches and I did the analyses each time. The team became very well focussed. In the semi-final of the European Championships 2013 the Ukraine made nearly a hunderd tackles but the continuity game was so good we trashed them after the fourth and fifth tackle. In defense they did not survive our four or five tackles....By the way, we also beat Croatia in the Final and had a massively successful campaign. Video a big part of the success.

Unfortunately you need to be a bit of a geek to do the excel part, the best option is ofcourse to get the full software suite of Dartfish TeamPro and import the file there. You can then link the Tags you made directly to video you have recorded. This saves you a lot of time but at the cost of a license. Another advantage is you can look-up and show the relevant clips very quickly in your video session with the team, where else you need to input specific times in VLC.....

(By the way, SportsCode has a similar set-up, and this is what I succesfully have used with Timo Meinders, but their App is not free)


Yes, video analysis is available for us Grassroots coaches now, step into it. Let me know if you have questions....

How to start?

  • Buy an iPad, get the Apps
  • Think about what you want to keep track of
  • Set up a Dartfish Easy Tag screen
  • Experiment with a game you already have on your laptop
  • Adjust the config if needed
  • Go at it for real.