Progressive Muscle Relaxation: checklist for complete training sequence

  1. Right hand and forearm: fist
  2. Right upper arm: "show off muscles"
  3. Left hand and forearm
  4. Left upper arm
  5. Forehead: raise eyebrows
  6. Eyes and cheeks: squeeze eyes
  7. Mouth and jaw: clench teeth and pull back the corners of the mouth
  8. Shoulder and neck: pull up shoulders and press head against their resistance
  9. Chest and back: breathe in, hold the breath and press shoulders back
  10. Belly: tighten or draw in
  11. Right hand thigh: shovel forward
  12. Right hand shank: lift heel
  13. Right foot: crook toes
  14. Left hand thigh
  15. Left hand shank
  16. Left foot

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