The internet is an excellent way to find information for rugby coaches. (You found this website....) This can save you a lot of time going to all kinds of coaching courses who do not seem to match your needs anyway. With The Net you can decide where and when you can improve on your knowledge as a coach. I try to make information as readily available for rugby coaches as possible. The internet has also a lot of background information that is not targeted for rugby coaches but very interesting. The peak performance website is a good example. Lots of info: as an example:

  • Core stability and back pain
  • Sprint speed and ankle action
  • Use of creatine
  • Performance profiling

How to subscribe to their newsletter?
Take out a trial costing 10 USD for two months. You will also be able to access their free online backup area, where you will find all of the following:

  • a Free Peak Performance Coaching Special Report
  • a Free Peak Performance Sports Psychology Special Report
  • a Free Peak Performance Food and Drink Special Report
  • a Free Coaches' Training Secrets Report
  • the 3 latest issues of Peak Performance

In other words, everything you need to increase the speed, strength and stamina of your players. Next thing of course: try to find the time to read up....

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