Training tool

Built trainingsprograms with SuperCoach Online/Rugby.

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Organise the Line-Out

Wales – Scotland and a Line-Out lesson

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Dressing room with Toulon

Rugby Tackle

Tackle – tackle

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Rugby exercise Duel in 1+1v1

Gamesense in Rugby 1+1v1 exercise

Confidence booster in the Duel.

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Red Army Star

The Red Army

Sometimes, you might need the Red Army.

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X marks the spot

The race to the space

A special tactical concept!

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Kids love rugby

Training kids: mix or select?

Kids keep surprising you!

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Performance Profiling for Under12?

FUNdamental Stage – focus on FUN so why performance profiling?

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Quilter Kids First Rugby

Line-Out or Open Play

Develop with Open Play or Restarts? Which choices should you…

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Pontypridd front row

Collecting the Front Row Tax

Hey Backs! The Front Row wins the ball (you spill),…

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Corona virus

Beat Corona Boredom RFC

Schedules for training at home!

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Joe Schmidt

The Rugby Empowerer

Train to Win (T2W) The Rugby Empowerer deals with players…

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What about too much training?

Overtraining – how to prevent this?

Yes, you can do too much! rugby is all about…

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Sacred Hoops

Surrender the “Me” for the “We”

and become more than the individual player quest for glory

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Shorty, you may award the try!

Black Fern Selica Winiata to be a referee on HSBC…

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In the car – podcasting!

Daily commute – don’t rush it, listen to podcasts!

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How to spent your budget?

How to spent the limited time with the team well?

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gum shield


Why gum shields are important?

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Skills: all important – but everything?

Without good skills you cannot win matches – how important…

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europees kampioen poule b

Scoreboard for a Winner

Going through old stuff Frits gave I found a good…

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Three Nines

Three Nines!

A small town club in Scotland celebrates their three Nines.

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