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Beat Corona Boredom RFC

Free schedules for kids at home!

Desperate times require desperate measures and countries are shutting down. Your kid’s rugby club does too, what to do next? Yes, we can do stuff from home, keep our kids active and moving. Staying as healthy as possible is key for all of us!

To combat boredom and to stay healthy, I am detailing a schedule targeting two age groups: primary school kids & secondary school kids. I have included exercises for basic movement skills, Speed/Agility/Quickness drills, basic conditioning and ball handling skills.

Exercise program for kids to do at home

Are they very specific for rugby kids? No, all kids can join in, you can also throw a tennisball, frisbee or kick a football instead.

You can run the exercises during the small break between home school lessons, they will be excellent to re-energise and re-focus.

The program is built in SuperCoach Online, this tool is developed for rugby coaches to plan seasons and sessions for their teams, I have configured the ‘Beat Corona Boredom RFC’ with two teams: a Primary School team and a Secondary School team. Simply login and click on todays date to find your exercise schedule. You need this information:

  • For primary school kids: Username: ‘’ Password: ‘sco-primary’
  • For secondary school kids: Username ‘’ Password: ‘sco-secondary’
  • (yes, this is a dummy email addresses…)

All exercises are in English. Download the SuperCoach Online app for IOS and Android:

SuperCoach Online in de app store

screenshot of app store

Tabata schedule

This is a great way to work on your fitness and relatively easy to do. It is a basic schedule. One of my favourite coaches Katie Turnbull advised me on the progressing timing of the exercises. Download the schedule in the Free Download page and get the WOD Tabata Timer on your smartphone (Katie’s favourite).

This schedule is great for kids in secondary school.

When you use the SuperCoach Online program you will find the reference to this schedule. (I am working on a more detailed description with video clips). Check for here for updates.


Voor de Nederlandse versie van de oefeningen kun je deze accounts gebruiken:

  • Voor basisschool kinderen: Gebruikersnaam: ‘’ Paswoord: ‘sco-basis’
  • Voor middelbare school kinderen: ‘’ Paswoord: ‘sco-middel’

Download de app voor SuperCoach Online (IOS or Android), na het download van de app kun je met bovenstaande gegevens inloggen.

Feedback or contribute?

Please let me know how this works for you or if you have fun exercises you want me to add:

Materials you need

All you need is some space inside or the patio / garden outside. I understand that online for Yoga mats are up 80%, but you do need need one.

If you have this SAQ equipment, that would help: speedladder & hurdle, or you just use the stones on the patio or duct tape a ladder on the floor in your room.

For the Tabata’s in the secondary school schedule Katie advises the WOD timer on your smartphone.

Background information

  1. FUNdamental movement exercises are developed by Harm Jager and have been in good use for several years in rugby clubs now.
  2. SAQ® exercises are set-up to develop multi-directional movement for sports like rugby, soccer and hockey.
  3. Ball handling exercises can be found everywhere, got lots of inspiration during my rugby coaching career.
  4. Tabata exercises can be found everywhere too. I used this website listed below.

Links to related websites

  • Movement Dynamics: subscribe to their library for more FUNdamental movements and complete programs;
  • Rugby bricks with great exercises. Look for more info on the Scrum-Half pass;
  • Youtube channel of Arno – exercises he set-up for his Hermes club!
  • The Rugby Site has a special series set up too;

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