Free downloads

This page contains coaching material ready for you to download and use when working with your team. 


  • A basic time table for routing a rugby match, (pdf file)

On Motivation of Rugby Players

  • Timothy D. Lee, Article on cognitive effort and motor learning (Acrobat File)
  • Joan Duda, on how to create the right motivational climate (Acrobat File)
  • Difference between running techniques for 100m sprint and rugby by Mark Sayers (Acrobat File)

Free Match statistics (please sent me more…)

  • A very extensive analysis form made by Andre Leroy (Excel Sheet)

Free Rugby Coaching Manuals (please sent me links or electronic copies)

    • Presentation of Pierre Villepreux on playing the adaptive game (jeu adaptive) (Acrobat File)
    • Another presentation from Pierre Villepreux (1993) on decision making in rugby (Acrobat file, 56 kB)
    • RugbyReady Booklet: development of players for scrumming (Acrobat File)
    • A Tabata Schedule to use for 12-18 year old players (Acrobat File)
    • Is the SuperCoach Online database a manual? Certainly lots of exercises, and Under 12 example program here (Acrobat File).

Free fitness tests

Rugby and medical issues

Don de Winter, MD Sports Physician and formerly employed by the NRB has contributed with several articles.

  • What to do with head injuries (again a very practical document, Acrobat File, and the standard SCAT2 protocol, Acrobat File)
  • A “Urine Color Chart” to help players check their hydration levels (Acrobat File)

On Nutrition and Doping some IOC documents

  • The 2017 Prohibited list – World Anti Doping Code (Acrobat File)
  • World Anti Doping Code (Acrobat File)
  • IOC Consensus Statement on training the elite child athlete (Acrobat File)

For the mental training program for rugby.

  • A pretty standard document on how to be ready at the kick-off: Arousal Management (Acrobat File)

Pierre Villepreux

Some of the visitors remember the Pierre Villepreux document on decision making in rugby from the old website and asked for it. And rightly so, New Zealand’s Wayne Smith was very much inspired by Pierre’s ideas when he re-invented the style of play. One of the reasons why the French have such a special relation with the All Blacks I think is they recognise the style of play. So here it is:

LTAD and Rugby

I was involved with the Dutch Rugby Union and the NOC to set up the talentdevelopment program for rugby in the Netherlands. Here some documents we were using:

  • RFU’s Long Term Athlete Development Program (RFU Booklet) (Acrobat File)
  • IRU’s Long Term Player Development Program (Acrobat File)
  • FFR’s Développement a Long Terme de l’Athlete (Acrobat File)
  • Het Meerjaren Opleidingsplan Rugby (Acrobat File);

Free training preparation forms

I always prepared my training using standard forms, below some examples. Now SuperCoach Online does that automatically for me…

To help you with your own rugby goalsetting program

  • The goalsetting program I described, forms for your players to fill out. (Acrobat File)
  • An example of Performance Profiles, forms to assess your players skills. (Acrobat File)
  • Another example of a profile I have set up for R.C.Invictus Under 12. (Acrobat File)