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Schedules for training at home!

Desperate times require desperate measures and countries are shutting down. Your kid’s rugby club does too, what to do next? Yes, we can do stuff from home, keep our kids active and moving. Staying as healthy as possible is key for all of us!

Also, adults look for schedules, luckily there are lots of them floating around.

‭SuperCoach Online schedule for kids to do at home

When you are interested I have a free schedule you can run off your smartphone with kids daily exercises, contact me if you are interested and I will give you log-in details.

Tabata schedule

This is a great way to work on your fitness and relatively easy to do. It is a basic schedule. One of my favourite coaches Katie Turnbull advised me on the progressing timing of the exercises. Download the schedule in the Free Download page and get the WOD Tabata Timer on your smartphone (Katie’s favourite).

This schedule is great for kids in secondary school.

When you use the SuperCoach Online program you will find the reference to this schedule. (I am working on a more detailed description with video clips).

Links to related websites

  • Movement Dynamics: subscribe to their library for more FUNdamental movements and complete programs;
  • Rugby bricks with great exercises. Look for more info on the Scrum-Half pass;
  • Youtube channel of Arno – exercises he set-up for his Hermes club!
  • The Rugby Site has a special series set up too;

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