What happens in the scrum?

I once played tight head prop, …in Sevens, …. for a one day tournament…. Never again! Wat does this mean now I am the coach? The scrum is very important: if you do not have a steady scrum, you do not have a good quality ball to attack with. But more important,┬áif not done correct, the scrum could be a dangerous place.

How to organise?

Although I learned everything about binding and stuff at the Level 2, watch all the clips, I am still very hesitant to run a scrum session. As National Under 18 coach I just asked Job Volker! He sorted all the technical stuff but most importantly he helped Erik and me to understand the different options we had for selection.

Good stuff!

For youth trainers my advise would be to enlist the help of your first team players. My experience is that they will help you if you present them a clear schedule and manage the expectations well.

So, if you can get help, make sure you bring it on board and nurture your scrum coach!

Scrum = Science

Scrum Ready

Developed by the SRU but now embraced by Worldrugby is the ScrumReady manual. With this you can include neck strengthening -, balance – and all kind of technical exercises in your training. It is obvious that I included a lot of these kind of exercises into Super Coach Online trainingstool!

Scrum and referees

Is the Scrum referee-able? Did we get lost in time consuming protocols? Is the alternative the Rugby League style scrum? I do not have answers but nowadays spectator value (=money) seems all important…..

Additional information

  • Positional information on the Tight Head;
  • Trainingstool SuperCoach Online with relevant scrum technique exercises;
  • Download the ScrumReady booklet here;
  • Photo of the scrum courtesy of Ursula Workel;