This page contains links to coaching material I have used in my work with teams and coaches.

Digital Downloads

Use mindmapping to develop your Team Attack and communicate it with your coaching staff and players. 

This version is suitable for the open source software Xmind.

Use mindmapping to develop your Team Attack and communicate it with your coaching staff and players. 

This version is suitable for the MindJet Mindmanager (the software that I use…).



SAQ for Rugby: this book is a great resource for rugby coaches who want to improve the performance of their players, remember “rugby, it’s a game of inches”? Read my posts on the topic Speed, Agility and Quickness where I share my experiences with this method and how I used it to great success.

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And, having worked with hockey girls for three years, using the hockey version of the book. It was a great opportunity to work with these talented girls and develop a long term SAQ trainingsplan. Being trained by a “Rugbycoach” was also a special for the girls. I was comfortable with the rugby version so I used to book to make my work with the girls more hockey specific. The first step was to have the girls run with the stick in one hand when possible. We will never forget how Lois ran past her defender using the new style of running!

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The Chimp Paradox is a book that helped me understand myself but also helped me coaching my players. Steve Peters tells us that our Chimp brain inside our head always reacts first but our Human brain has to manage it, in other words, keep our chimp quiet. This and many more metaphors make it special approach. Steve Peters has had great success with British Elite Athletes.

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 The Power of Thinking without Thinking. I am fortunate to be the personal coach to an Elite athlete who seem to have the natural ability to make the right, split second, decisions in the game that make her pretty special. She calls this “I just do something”. What is this magical “Something”? When we watch video’s of her game together I try to find the cues for those decisions and I learn a lot from that. Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Blink!” learned me that the decision making process in game based situations is called thin slicing. This made me rethink how I present learning situations to my players. Read his book! (And I told my player to say “I think without thinking” instead of “I just do something”) buy this now!
When Mats Marcker asked Gordon Tietjens to come to the Netherlands in order to prepare for the Common Wealth Games in Scotland and he agreed we had the fantastic opportunity to meet en experience 10 days of elite rugby from close up. I was one of the event sponsors through SuperCoach Online and got a room in the same seaview hotel. I became driver of the one of the mini-buses!
But in some spare time I had some facetime with Sir Gordon Tietjens and I think he is truly one of the greats in rugby.
In his book “Legacy” he mentions their stay at Castricum, but for me it was very interesting to read how the NZRFU pushed the All Blacks 15s approach into the mix and did not help to get the players onboard needed to step up.
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