This page contains links to coaching material I have used in my work with teams and coaches.


Okay, somehow my pile of books to read never seems to get smaller…. I would like to share my favourite books with you.

Sevens is a lovely game

Gordon Tietjens Legacy

It was sad to see how the NZRFU let him down and prioritised the XV’s program over the Rio olympics. Great to follow him working with Samoa. He has his great story told here:

Ben Ryan Sevens Heaven

Ben Ryan was in rugby heaven but remember that it started as hell. He had no pay and the whole set-up was in a mess. How to turn that around? He reconnected the team with the reason they play rugby: re-invented that Fiji style. Great story, how do you connect with your team? For me as National Under 18 coach it was not by becoming a “mate” but by being a challenging coach and truly listen to the points the players brought forward.

Have a look on my “Sevens is a lovely game” page with a fun link to a video clip where Ben Ryan tells how to let Fijian’s room free.

Speed, Agility and Quickness for Rugby

Yes, big fan of this stuff, when you follow the manual you really cannot go wrong. I took the online i-Diploma course and understand more, but pick an exercise for 10mins each session and your team will improve.

You can read more about my SAQ work at my teams here. And, I had the fantastic opportunity to step out of the rugby zone for a while and work with hockey girls on their speed. All my preconceptions on hockey girls were wrong, tough girls and love hard work (we had lots of fun too). Read more on this adventure in this post. If you want to get that hockey book, please consider buying this through my link and help to me keep this site running.