Martin Rugby Coach

Looking for inspiration? This website will help you! Are you a YouTube “Entertrainer”? Then this website will NOT help you.

Recognise these situations?

  • We missed a lot of tackles last game, so tonight we are focusing on this alone!
  • Old players who become trainers, but are only comfortable with doing what they did 20 years ago;
  • Coaches who “know what works” and have great (short term) results but do not educate a future rugby player;
  • I would like it if my players were quicker and faster, is this SAQ something for me?
  • Under 9 teams that already learn to clean out the ruck rather than pick up the ball, because “this is how we play rugby”.

About setting up a schedule

How to build a cohesive program that truly develops youngsters into rugby players? This website is built on my successful approach with many different teams and clubs. I coached premier league rugby, Under 18’s, Under 16’s, Mothers of players!, school kids and Under 8’s. Until recently I was coach of the National U18 team a won the European Championship in the FIRA Pool-B for the Netherlands. Squeezing the most out the little resources we have here in the Netherlands taught me valuable lessons.

I will give you lots of information on how to present an interesting program that fits the specific needs of your team.

The building process follows this model:

#1. Setup your goals;

#2. Define your starting situation;

#3. Setup and execute your program;

#4. Evaluate;

My friend Paul Metz developed SuperCoach Online, a trainingstool that assists you in building your program, The tool is based on the LTAD for Rugby model and selects the appropriate exercises for you.

Many clubs in the Netherlands now have a license and are structuring their development programs using it.

About Coaching

Basically coaches have two jobs to do: run their training progams and organise the team on matchdays. There is a lot of material on my site to help you make the most of it.

Enjoy and please let me know how this works for you!