Evaluate Performance

Take the time

Evaluate your trainingsprogram regularly. Do you need to adjust your goals? Use the actual matches for this, you can focus on the aspect you developed in your evaluation. Remember the development cycle was: 1. defining your starting point and 2. where you want to be / goals, 3. the trainingsplan that was based on that and than 4. this evaluation.

Of course many other things might go wrong in the games, try not to worry too much about this, but focus on those two / three key point you made important for this five – six week training cycle. I know some coaches who plan “problem fixing sessions”, this is for a quick fix and also will make players (parents?) feel like you address issues. But are you actually involved in building better players on the long term?

Make the evaluation as individual as possible. Re-visit the estimates you made on how much time you wanted to spent developing certain aspects. This will help to develop your understanding of the time it takes for your players to absorb new aspects of our game.

This is also were you will learn if the goals you have set were SMART enough…..

Super Coach Online & evaluation

The statistics option in the tool will calculate the total amount of time spent on the different traingselements. You can set all the variables like timeframe, team and type or group of exercises.

Since you can also track absence / presence , the tool can also provide the statistics per player. Imagine you see some of your players dropping balls in matches and you can check how much time they actually spent on passing and catching!

Tools that will help you

  1. Think about Performance Profiling, a very structured (but time consuming) way to assess your players progress.
  2. Video analysis: using video really accelerates learning.
  3. What kind of fitness tests to take? Are you capable of turning the test results into a cohesive training plan?

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