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Scoreboard for a Winner

Going through old stuff Frits gave I found a good read on what a winner looks like

A nice list of what a Winner does, and a Loser does not. I was fortunate to meet some real winners, fun to check our conversations against the list.

Thanks Frits Frankfort, your are no longer amongst us, hope people like your material!

A Winner says “Let’s analyse it” The Loser says “Who cares”
When a Winner recognises a mistake he says “I made a mistake” The Loser says “It wasn’t my fault”
A Winner credits his luck, even though he wasn’t luck The Loser blames his bad luck for losing, even though it wasn’t
A Winner knows when to say “Yes” or “No” The Loser says “Yes, but …” or “No” on the wrong moment or with the wrong reason
A Winner is not afraid to loose. He works harder than the Looser and plans his time to do what is necessary The Loser is afraid to loose and always too busy to do what is necessary
A winner goes “through” the problem The Loser goes “around” the problem, never solving it
A Winner makes commitments, shows remorse by not making the same mistake again The Loser makes promises, will say “Sorry” but make the same mistake again
A Winner knows his battles and makes promises happen The Loser makes empty promises he does not fights for
A Winner says “I am good, but not as good as I thought I was” The Loser says “I am not as bad a the others”
A Winner listens The Loser waits till he thinks it is his turn to say something
A Winner feels strong enough to be friendly The Loser is never friendly, he is either weaker, little or bullying
A Winner respects his peers and wants to learn from them The Loser let other talk and waits to find a counterargument

Like the list? Missing something?



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