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Built trainingsprograms with SuperCoach Online/Rugby. It is a handy tool for trainers to prepare their seasons and individual sessions, but it is great for clubs to built structures in the long term development of their players in real training programs! (Youth)trainers are often very motivated but have limited time or background to piece together a cohesive trainingsprogram in which long term development is enabled. SuperCoach Online helps coaches with planning their season and training session within a long term development framework.

How does SuperCoach Online work?

The clubtrainer logs in, and immediately sees the yearplan that he and/or his club coordinator has put together.

In the yearplan he sees the goals set for the upcoming training cycle and he can assign a fitting training template containing relevant training elements to the dates in the period. SuperCoach Online/Rugby will search the database for suitable exercises and generates the individual training schedules for that period. (Most of the time the Clubcoordinator will have done this for him)/

When the trainer clicks on a date in the yearplan he sees the Template selected and what exercises the tool has selected for that specific session.

Long Term Player Development Plan for rugby

SuperCoach Online is psecifically designed to “translate” LTPD principles into training sessions. This SuperCoach Online datamodel is the basis for building the trainingtemplates and the individual trainingsessions.

All the exercises are linked to the model and this means that resulting training programs are founded on these LTPD principles. This means that all the hard work has been done for you. You simply have to select the traininggoals for a period of time and the tool takes care of the rest.

Of course clubs or trainers can add their favorite exercises to the database.

When adding an exercise you have to make a decision for which agegroup the exercise is most suitable, this is where you can relate to Long Term Player development models of your rugby union or individual vision of your own club. This approach ensures that all exercises support the long term goals of players development.

With SuperCoach Online the clubcoordinators can organise programs for their teams. And the trainers of the individual teams can fine-tune the program by replacing the exercises that SuperCoach Online has selected by other exercises or by adding their own.

The tool saves all programs in a central database, this allows the reporting feature to shown how much time has been spent on the different parts of player development.

SuperCoach Online trainingsessions and media files can be accessed by PC but there are Android and IOS apps too. Using the App to run the sessions and check the related video files adds great value to the preparation of coaches.

We have learned that coaches using the tool have a better focus and more structure in the work. SuperCoach Online, a great help for rugby coaches.

Example material

The database is built around that development model, so it is more than a bunch of exercises!

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