The Shuttle Run or BeepĀ / Bleep / Pacer / YoYo Test determines the maximum aerobic endurance of a player.

It is a very accurate and popular fitness test and one you can do very easily now: with the Bitworks Team Beeptest software you can turn your laptop or computer into a beeptest machine!

Bitworks developed two versions. Both the free version and the team beeptest are very accurate (200th of a second) – even compared to the mp3/CD versions you now can buy on the internet. The Team Beeptest version has the added value of easy gathering and display of all your team players beep test scores over the season:

  • You can easily record the beep test scores of individual players while you run the test, when a player is done; you only have to click the named button on screen to record their score. This allows you to focus on the proper execution of the test.
  • VO2 Max figures are updated on the main test screen in real time.
  • View the team fitness on a chart, see screen shots below or direct view of the players text file.
  • Everything now resides on one system: your test and the results.
  • With the software you can now put together your own test, specify stages, intervals and rest times.
  • Print the players scores directly to give the players immediate feedback.
  • Convert the player.txt file to excel and have even more freedom for further analysis (something you want to do anyway, even with using an audio version…..)

Or of course the other way around: once you have an imported players.txt in Excel and you can easily cut and paste your players names into a text file, save it as players.txt and you are ready to test.

This is a website for rugbycoaches but the Team Beeptest software can of course be used for all sports! This fitness test is particularly suitable for players of team sports which require stop-start movements and constant changes of direction.

Have a look at the website of Bitworks for more information.