Get the basics right!

What is important? Get the basics right! I played in a team where:

  1. Everybody was very fit
  2. Everybody could catch & pass
  3. Everybody could tackle

We were champions three times in a row…. When you get the basics right, you have solved 80% of all the problems. Best example, the New Zealnd All Blacks.

So what are the basic according to the LTAD model

Step 1: Attack the space

Key elements for the Under 8 are:

  • Duel the direct opponent;
  • Recognize space in the field;
  • Go forward with the ball and dodge defenders;
  • Protect the ball and keep it alive on contact;
  • Help your ball carrier without being off-side;

Step 2: Support the player attacking the space

Key elements for the Under 8 are:

  • Support the ball carrier to go forward;
  • Keep the ball ‘alive’: I keep the ball – clear the ball;
  • The ball is released, positioning in Open Play begins;
  • If you’re not the ball carrier and not even near the ball, move into space, ready for the next attack (Work in 2 families);

“One minute to go”

Get the basics right… Is what the All Blacks do here very different then what we teach Under 8? (Except clearing out at the tackle perhaps…)

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