Training preparation form for Rugby

Wesley contacted me regarding the training preparation form

I have two examples, detailed and basic in the Free Download Section.

How to train for rugby?

What I advise trainers is to see how the players react to the presented training exercises and learn from their visible behaviour. Training theory tells us that only repeatedly offering a certain set of exercises with the same learning objectives gives us long term results. I think that rugby trainers in the Netherlands often expect immediate results and think too quickly that exercises are not working and start looking for something else.

One coach and his under 16 clubteam are a good example. Developing the concept of “Life of Ball” by the ball carrier and the players in direct support was the learning goal. After a month, the coach started talking to me that it was not working, but I said to keep it up. After two months he called me and told me that they had played a fantastic game and that everything had come together. All the time that the coach thought it was a mess, the players were learning. Exactly what Trevor Regan talks about on his website.

Phil Jackson talks in his Sacred Hoops book about how introducing the Triangle Offense concept took the Chicago Bulls two years to master – this is for full-time athletes, with five on the pitch! Why we think after four training sessions things do not work is always a mystery to me.

Anyways, preparing and using forms likes this helps us to focus on what we want to achieve and gives us an opportunity to evaluate.

The training preparation form

For the coach, it is a reminder of the learning objective for the period and the exercises. See what visible behaviour he has to observe. I think a form needs to describe:

  • A brief description of the development phase and the traininggoals for the current period in the season;
  • A description of the exercises
  • List Key Factors, where coaches can give direct feedback.

But it could also contain a checklist of the equipment needed, some quick notes, things to say before or after the training, anything you think practical.

Before the session, the coach can have a quick glance and focus on the goals. A lot of stuff can go wrong during the session – stay focusses on the learning goals only.

After the session I use these forms to reflect on how the session went.

SuperCoach Online & training preparation form

In SuperCoach Online I can easily convert the learning goals to a training setup. The tool then searches for the appropriate exercises and compiles them into the trainingsform. This can be downloaded and printed and is sent to the SuperCoach Online smartphone App.

Free Downloads

Go the Free Download page on this website to download the forms, they are in Microsoft Office format, so you can easily adapt to your personal taste.



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