Learn from the Black Ferns

“Be the most professional amateurs!” What an exciting idea. You are not a full-time athlete but want to get the most out of your rugby playing career. Or similarly, you are not a full-time coach but want to get the most out of your time you have for developing the team. Interesting talk from Jamie Tout, the strength and conditioning coach for the Black Ferns on how they support the athletes and structure their time with the team. Remember only the Sevens players have full-time contracts.

He describes how the program is set-up with respect to work and recovery and how the interaction with the players is being optimised. Interesting to see how they monitor the trainingload and well-being. I have worked with apps / RPE / Well-being and would love to experiment with gps trackers, but I expect it is just like using video: the amount of time it takes to organise and process the information AND to include it in what you bring to the team will explode in your face….

Can we ever catch up with these Unions and programs? What do you think?