Rugby is tackling. You have got to like doing the physical stuff, get your kit dirty. This is why we play the game: we want to get in, feel alive, the rush of the succesful tackle.

Our big goalkicker: Jonny W. and another statistic: in the 2003 Six Nation Championship the tackle count ended like this:

  1. Betsen
  2. Back
  3. Wilkinson...........


This page is dedicated to the tackle only, I have a separate page for the place of the tackle in a defensive organisation.


I have found a great website with a focus on technique from a injury prevention perspective. Have a look at their website. I used their key-factors below and added my own experience.

Taking the ball into contact

The increases in injuries in the tackle are not just restricted to the tackler. You as the Coach should ensure that all players are aware of the correct technique for taking the ball into contact.

Here is the list for the tackling player:

Additional information

For more info:

Rugbysmart websiteThinkSafe