Looking for drills? This website will help you! Are you a YouTube "entertrainer"? Then this website will NOT help you.

Recognize these situations?

  • We missed a lot of tackles last game, so tonight we are focusing on this alone!
  • Old players who become trainers, but are only comfortable with doing what they did 20 years ago.
  • Coaches who “know what works” and have great (short term) results but do not educate a future rugby player.
  • I would like it if my players were quicker and faster, is this SAQ something for me?
  • Under 10 teams that already learn to clean out the ruck rather than pick up the ball, because “this is how we play rugby”.

How to build a cohesive program that truly develops youngsters into rugby players? This website is built on my successful approach. I coached premier league rugby, Under 18’s, Under 16’s, Mothers of players!, school kids and Under 8’s. Until recently I was coach of the National U18 team a won the European Championship in the FIRA Pool-B. Squeezing the most out the little resources we have here in the Netherlands taught me valuable lessons.

I will give you lots of information on how to present an interesting program that fits the specific needs of your team.

The building process follows this model: #1. Setup your goals, #2. Define your starting situation, #3. Setup and execute your program and #4. Evaluate. 


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