The Shuttle Run or Beep / Bleep / Pacer / YoYo Test determines the maximum aerobic endurance of a player. It is a very accurate and popular fitness test and one you can do very easily now: with the Bitworks Team Beeptest software you can turn your laptop or computer into a beeptest machine!

The team beep test is very accurate (200th of a second) - even compared to the mp3/CD versions you now can buy on the internet. The Team Beeptest version has the added value of easy gathering and display of the players beep test scores over the season and makes the test very easy to administer. Simply click on the player button and the software will automatically record the stage. On overview of the software features:

This is a website for rugbycoaches but the Team Beeptest software can of course be used for all sports! This fitness test is particularly suitable for players of team sports which require stop-start movements and constant changes of direction.

How to buy Team Beeptest?

We use Paypal - secure payment and privacy guaranteed. This is how it works:

  1. If you would like to use the software then please purchase the Team Beeptest by clicking on the Paypal button below, the cost is 25 Euro, about 30 U.S. Dollar but your currency is automatically converted by PayPal.
  2. Once your payment is processed, Paypal will inform giving me your name and email address (nothing else, not your credit card details!)
  3. I will sent you the software. Simply unzip the file and your ready to run (literally !! - no further installation is required). The software runs on Windows only.
  4. Then simply register the software with Bitworks (please see the readme.txt file in the zip download), they will provide the activation code and email/telephone support.

Please note: you do not need a Paypal account to purchase Team BeepTest, you can also make a secure, no charge payment on your credit card through Paypal. Look for the credit card payment link down on the left after you have clicked through to the PayPal page.


Team BeepTest screen shots

The main screen:


This how the team stats look like:

beeptest statistics

How to edit the players file:


How the imported players.txt. looks in Excel

shuttle run test

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